Insurance Coverage & Litigation

From its earliest days, Booth, Mitchel & Strange LLP has been heavily engaged in insurance law. For 50 years the firm has counseled and represented insurers and insureds in matters involving coverage determination, coverage litigation, defense of “bad faith” claims, and in contribution and subrogation actions. The firm is well known for its representation of Accident and Health and Life and Disability insurers sued under ERISA or for “bad faith” claims handling, and General Liability carriers sued for their decisions to deny coverage. We have also assisted Insureds in securing the benefits of insurance they purchased.

In all cases that involve the extension of insurance benefits and protection, we recognize the need for prompt and objective advice after a timely, thorough and detailed review and investigation of all available facts and law. We have the resources to do so, and have found that by providing those services, we are often able to avert litigation or effect reasonable settlements in cases that may otherwise pose a substantial risk of high exposure to the insurer at trial and significant litigation costs. As a litigation firm, we are prepared to try those cases that cannot be reasonably resolved short of trial.

We also serve the industry in disputes between brokers or agents and insurance companies, in cases brought before the Department of Insurance, and in cases alleging broker or agent malpractice. We have successfully prosecuted insurers claims against “out of trust” brokers and agents and have assisted brokers in obtaining renewal and retrospective commissions withheld by insurers. We have also defended insurers against unsubstantiated commission claims. As those seeking insurance rely more and more on their agents and brokers to provide necessary coverage through policies of escalating complexity, our breadth of knowledge and experience makes us uniquely equipped to assist insureds who find their coverage lacking.