Environmental Contamination Litigation

Booth, Mitchel & Strange LLP has participated in litigation arising out of environmental contamination for many years, representing PRP owners, operators and contributors in cases brought under federal CERCLA, SARA and RCRA legislation and California's environmental laws, including the Hazardous Waste Control Act, the Underground Storage Tank Law, and the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Act. We have the knowledge and resources to handle a broad range of environmental litigation. Our insurance expertise allows us to assist our clients to identify and secure insurance coverage so important to meet the costs of environmental remediation and the litigation that so commonly surrounds it.

We have represented, or are now representing, parties in Super Fund cases including the Stringfellow Acid Dump litigation, shooting range cases involving alleged lead contamination, contribution litigation alleging contamination of a shopping center site with dry cleaning solvents and numerous industrial site cleanup actions involving a wide variety of contaminants. We also represented land owners and occupiers in cases brought under common law claims of trespass, and public or private nuisance relating to alleges discharge of contaminants or pollutants causing damage to adjacent land and neighboring occupants.