Employment Arbitration, Litigation & Counseling

State and Federal civil rights, disability and employment statutes have spawned massive amounts of litigation in recent years. Booth, Mitchel & Strange LLP has been there to help our clients to reach the best results possible when faced with those problems. We do not limit our practice to the employer or employee “side” of the controversy. We recognize that in employment litigation, perhaps more than any other kind, there are two sides to the controversy and that both sides (or neither) may have good reason for the position taken. We investigate promptly, approach the issues objectively, and advise our clients as early in the process as possible about what we believe to be the best course of action. Where settlement is possible and appropriate we press for it early, not only to save our clients the dollar cost of litigation, but recognizing that emotions and business reputations are often at stake and that sometimes the best interest of both sides is to preserve a valuable business relationship. Where settlement is not in the cards, we aggressively litigated employment cases to conclusion through trial or arbitration.

In addition, we offer our clients assistance and counseling in establishing appropriate employment practices and in the timely pre-litigation investigation and remediation of employment disputes Even where unsuccessful in avoiding litigation, these services may establish the factual or legal basis for a defense, be helpful in preparing a well informed defense strategy or may mitigate a claim's financial impact. We recognize that the very best defense to litigation is to identify and avoid or remedy the circumstances that will give rise to claims before the employees and their lawyers find them.