Construction Law Counseling & Litigation

Booth, Mitchel & Strange LLP represents many general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, sureties, architects and engineers in claims, arbitrations and lawsuits arising out of the construction industry. Our representation includes matters arising out of commercial, residential and industrial building, marine projects, utilities, streets and highways, canals, bridges, storm drains, and sewer and water treatment plants. We handle claims by end users and among construction participants.

We also help our clients avoid claims and lawsuits by drafting, negotiating and reviewing project documents, both before and during construction. We assist in resolving problems that may arise related to bids, performance, payments, perfection or defense of mechanics liens, stop notices, delay claims and acceleration claims. We can draw from the knowledge, talent and experience of our highly respected surety lawyers.

The firm also represents Architects and Engineers in professional liability litigation and arbitrations. We understand the role of the design professional and how his or her work impacts the construction process, and we have worked extensively with typical contracts and documentation defining and effecting the design professional's work. Over the years we have developed relationships with highly qualified professionals with whom we consult to access the merits of the claims made and believe that early expert consultation is an important consideration in providing a comprehensive defense for our professional clients.